Of Patriotism and Motherlands - the Tibet issue.

some text The Chinese machinations behind the Riots in Tibet, and the incitation of fervent Patriotism.

The incessant invocation by the CCP of “Motherland”, the “Splitting of the Chinese Motherland”, “Splittist” “Dalai Lama Clique”, “Separatists” etc is a very dangerous game indeed, and has been played to disastrous results during the thirties in Germany by the Nazis, as we all know.
The incantation was the same then; just the semantics had a masculine slant.

It is clearly designed to rally the masses behind the Powers that Be, i.e. the CCP, for they’re in deep trouble with an unruly, discontented and disillusioned population.
60,000 “mass incidents”, speak protests, per annum must be a troublesome development for a ruling junta that has not tolerated any dissent, protest or free expression for over 50 years.
But drag out the tried and proven scheme of inciting patriotism, and labelling anyone who’s not screaming along at full cry, or isn’t absolutely one hundred percent engrossed in the madness and hysteria, a traitor, and you’ve diverted the anger from yourself to some hapless, unsuspecting target.
The Jews learnt this to their horror during the Nazi era, and the ensuing mass slaughter has only been made possible by this ‘paving the way’ of patriotic fervour and hysteria.

The frantic hysteria sweeping across China, and the globe in the expat Chinese community, aided and abetted by their ‘minders’ from the Chinese Embassies is testimony to the dangerous excesses possible when playing with this fire.
The parents of one unsuspecting student wanting to bridge the chasm between the rabid Chinese mobs and Tibetans had to go into hiding after receiving death threats and their personal ID details were made public, details only the Authorities in China could have disclosed!

In 2008 the Tibetans find themselves the target of just this same devious scheming, with the CCP’s labelling of the “Dalai Lama Clique” as the perpetrator and instigator of the March 14th riots.
Chinese Media and CCTV showed scenes of burning Lhasa ad nauseam, underscored with the most vitriolic commentary, and accusing the Tibetans of the most heinous crimes.
It was a carefully orchestrated plot by the CCP to divert the ire of their disgruntled masses away from themselves to the Tibetan People.
The venom and vitriolic diatribes emanating from the highest ranking cadres on down, including Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao, are clear testimony to this sly plot.

The notions of Patriotism and Motherland should be seen in the light of all the misery and atrocities committed in their name, and are by any measure an outdated and derisory concept.
Today’s world has its fair share of hatred and conflict based on racism, xenophobia and them against us, so a feeling of belonging to a particular group of ethnicity or nationality only incites the sentiments of them and us and exclusivity instead of inclusiveness.

Humanity should move on from such whimsy comfort notions if we are ever to overcome the scourge of mankind; hatred, war, conflict, oppression of the ‘other’, exploitation of the weaker and ignorance.
For ignorance arises from just such dangerous concepts and becomes a meme, and once hostage to such, the ability to discern, seek the truth and follow one’s true conscience and speak for a better world becomes impossible for fear of loosing that soother.
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