Tibet's Loss - China's gain, the Dorje Shugden controversy!

Now this Dorje Shugden deity controversy is marked with all the intrigues and underhand tactics worthy of a high-power-play political thriller.

Are these street protesters aware of the shadowy background to their perceived grievances they so vocally scream out in servitude to their masters?

Do they question the motivation behind the rhetoric, the origin to the murky, unsubstantiated allegations, or the methods used in their leader’s ‘war’ against the Tibetan people?

These Shugden warriors sadly have become to be the naïve puppets of a much wider power play waged by the very masters of Deception and Propaganda-Lies, and occupiers of the Tibetan homeland; the CCP.

These unwitting propaganda soldiers surely are carrying out one of the more sordid smear campaigns against the Tibetans, the CTA, and particularly the Dalai Lama in order to undermine their legitimacy to represent the Tibetans and their just cause.

Divide and rule; sow dissent and reap power over a divided society, so the CCP’s motives.

While the CCP is busy exploiting this rift by favouring, and handing out grants to monks and funding monasteries if they are a hotbed of Shugden worship inside Tibet, they foment this split in the Tibetan society inside and outside Tibet in order to destroy any unity and opposition to their oppressive rule over Tibet.

Expatriot Tibetan monks of the Shugden persuasion are frequent and welcome visitors to Chinese run, and tightly controlled Shugden monasteries inside Tibet, and they carry the seed of dissent and disharmony back to the exiled Tibetan communities.

One only has to look at the methods used by the Kadampa sect and their servile propaganda warriors carrying placards with their vitriolic slogans to get an idea of what their credentials really are:

Calling press conferences that attract world wide media including, of course, the CCP’s mouth piece Xinhua etc.
Where they decry the Dalai Lama with vitriolic venom copied straight from the CCP’s own Propaganda-Lies Unit.

Court action in Indian Courts against the CTA, the Dalai Lama, and the Tibetan people by proxy.

The release of rancorous press releases with copies sent to the President, Prime Minister and Government Ministers of India to undermine the very tenuous existence the homeless refugee Tibetans manage to cling to in India.

The dissemination of anonymous pamphlets full of lies, in a smear campaign more like it is coming straight from the CCP’s own Propaganda-Lies Unit.

Propaganda foot soldiers taking to the streets with their bizarre accusations to publicly vilify and embarrass the Dalai Lama , which, by any examination, has no basis in fact whatsoever.

Ask, are these the actions of true Buddhists, who by virtue of just simply claiming to be ‘Buddhists’ would refrain from any of these actions?

Are these the deeds of anyone having even a seed of compassion, concern, or just the least bit of consideration for the effects of their activities, and for the implications to the Tibetan cause?

Or are they so bereft of any morals or ethics, or the slightest bit of insight into the wider issue that they’re incapable of questioning their own motives and actions, and are immune to any pangs of conscience?

Perhaps it is in the nature of their cult, and or the worship of this Shugden deity which has taken hold of their moral compass and blinded them completely from seeing, and seeking the facts and truth.

Their actions, behaviour and pronunciations are clearly that of a cult in the true sense; servile, perfunctory mob behaviour, slogan shouting and recitation of prescribed propaganda lines, and the sole acceptance of the one “truth”, authority and Guru.

And anyone who’s not exactly of the same belief, mind, or school is a non-believer, deviant and a heretic.

The Dalai Lama now has taken on this role in their minds, so they can project their venom and emotions against this perceived “villain”.

They’ve become so entangled in their referential, circulatory and delusionary thinking, and strayed so far from the path of Dharma, that they’re truly in need of help and compassion.

The sad thing is that probably they’ve started out with sincere motives, wanting to become true Buddhists and serve all sentient beings through their practise of the tenets and ideals of Buddhism.

They’ve been led astray by amoral leaders pursuing their unholy vendetta and aims, and in the process their beliefs have become an insidious meme.

And once such a pernicious meme has gotten hold of a feeble mind, it is but a puppet on a string at the command of the puppeteer, with the puppet unaware of the surreptitious manipulation.

To complete the picture, they seem to be afraid of even investigating the issue and questioning their leader’s motives for fear of having their beliefs shaken and loosing that soother of a meme.

By the sweetest of irony, they, the Shugden cult themselves are the ultimate rationale and attestation for the Dalai Lama’s advice to refrain form propitiating this Shugden deity.

By their very inconsiderate and un-Buddhist actions they’ve demonstrated just the very point; the objectionable disharmony, sectarianisms and split they’ve wreaked on the Tibetan society at a time they just don’t need any such externally incited torment.

But that’s just the CCP’s game-plan; the Shugden puppets have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker, and even gone to extraordinary lengths to serve the CCP’s heinous purpose.

1:0 to the CCP, and an irreparable setback to the Tibetan cause!

Well done Shugdeneers!

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