Wipe Israel off the Map, or what Ahmadinejad really said & the Litany of US Crimes against Iran!

Why the vilification and lies about Iran?

Dr. Ahmadinejad never said it, but what every right minded person quietly thinks, namely to "Wipe Israel off the Map"!

Nevertheless the Zionist owned and controlled Media had a field day with this lie and uses it ad nausam to vilify Iran.
But apparently this mistranslation was started by IRNA itself and was then mangled into ever more outrages versions by the MSM. No amount of attempts to rectify the error could stop this gift from Iran to the Zionist Warmongers as it was just too good to run with it and bash Iran for ever and a day.

Who hasn't been bombarded with the notion that Iran is a threat to ME Peace, a threat to the whole world, and who hasn't been wondering what is really behind it all?
At IRNA, the Islamic Republic News Agency, a rookie worker translated Dr. Ahmadinejad's speech and made the now legendary blunder of mis-translating a key point of his speech.

On October 25, 2005, Tehran, then newly elected Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered a speech attended by thousands, titled "The World Without Zionism."
In this speech, referring to the Ayatollah Khomeini, the sentence "The Imam said, this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time", became "Israel must be wiped off the map".

But why all the hatred and vilification of Iran, what has Iran done to deserve such venom, hatred and a covert/overt war against it lasting for over sixty years and unilateral, unjustified crippling sanctions since 1979.

♦ Vilification out of malice and spite

The Shah Reza Pahlavi, who ascended to the throne in 1941, had wide ranging powers and was also widely perceived to be a puppet to the imperial powers, the US and British.
He owed his ascendance to the throne to the US which forced his father to abdicate and had him as a 22 year old installed as a puppet so the Allies could neutralise, and use Iran as a base and transit hub for the war against the Germans.

After an assassination attempt in 1949, the Shah started to consolidate his powers even more by establishing and convening the Senate, which was already part of the Iranian Constitution but was never convened, by installing his cronies in that newly constituted body.

There were longstanding grievances with the AIOC, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company later to become BP, over Royalty payments and Taxation issues. AIOC had been raping profits from Iran since 1913 and never paid even a remotely fair amount of royalties for the oil it extracted.

In the elections 1949 the National Front, which ran on a platform of nationalisation of the Oil industry, won a majority in the Majlis, the Iranian Parliament.
After the Prime Minister Raj Hali Razmara, who opposed the nationalisation was assassinated, Mohammad Mossadeq won a vote of confidence and became Prime Minister, replacing the interim PM Hossein Ala.
The Mossadeq government tried to negotiate a 50:50 Profit Share Agreement with the AIOC, the same terms as were in force in other Oil concessions in Iran. Up until then, the AIOC only payed royalties and the profits were taxed by the UK Government.
Also the US Government, to the great chagrin of Britain, approved a deal by ARAMCO with Saudi Arabia which had the same 50:50 Profit Share provision in place.

The Iranian Government had also requested to audit the AIOC’s books to ascertain that Iran was being paid fairly and honestly what it was due, but the British Government controlled company refused, causing further widespread antagonism against foreign ownership of the Oil assets.

The AIOC was the pride and joy flagship of the UK Government and its profits were so enormous that it virtually propped up the ailing British Empire on the back of the Iranian masses who saw very little of the enormous wealth extracted by this foreign exploiting power.

Mossadeq stated that he was willing to offer compensation based on the aggregate market value of the company’s shares before nationalization.
Alternatively, he offered that compensation could be based on the most favorable nationalization law in existence.
He also suggested that Iranian oil sales would be guaranteed, oil would be sold to the British at a discount to make up for any possible deficiencies in compensation, but the British refused the generous offers.

Thus on March 15, the Majlis, in a nigh unanimous decision, voted to nationalize the oil industry.
In retaliation the British instituted a worldwide embargo of Iranian oil sales and seized all Iranian Sterling assets. As a result the oil industry came to a virtual standstill causing enormous upheavals in Iran’s economy and finances.

Britain then challenged the legality of the nationalization and took a case against Iran to the International Court of Justice, ICJ, at The Hague.
The court ruled in Iran's favour!

As a result the UK enlisted the USG and CIA/MI6 to engineer a coup, 'Operation Ajax', to overthrow the democratically elected and hugely popular Mossadeq and his government and to reinstall the Shah as absolute monarch.

The successful coup saw the return of AIOC but with a much reduced share in the spoils of Iranian oil.
Subsequently the plotters of the coup, the US and UK, incorporated a consortium in London as a holding company called 'Iranian Oil Participants Ltd', IOP.
The members of IOP and their respective shares were:
  • British Petroleum (40%)
  • Gulf (later Chevron, 8%)
  • Royal Dutch Shell (14%)
  • Compagnie Française des Pétroles (later Total S.A., 6%)
And the four Aramco partners
  • Standard Oil California (SoCal, later Chevron) 8%
  • Standard Oil New Jersey (later Exxon, ExxonMobil) 8%
  • Standard Oil New York (later Mobil, ExxonMobil) 8%
  • Texaco (later Chevron) 8%
There was also a Profit Share provision which saw that Iran would get 25% of the profits, still a long way from the 50:50 which by now was standard in such agreements.

The US puppet Shah's reign of terror lasted until the 1979 revolution which saw the reversal once again of the fortunes for the Oil companies from the US and UK.
The Revolution of 1979 saw the termination of all the Oil contracts handed out under the Shah, which was illegally installed by the US after the CIA engineered coup to overthrow the democratically elected Mohammad Mosaddegh.
The entire Oil and Gas sector came under state control and was vested in the National Iranian Oil Company, NIOC.
Needless to say that this riled the US who had earlier deposed a democratically elected Prime Minister and his government and installed their puppet stooge so that American oil companies could profiteer and rape the oil wealth of Iran in unfair deals, just as the Anglo Iranian Oil Company did for the previous forty years.

Being twice thwarted in their rape and plunder of the Iranian oil wealth, the western powers have systematically vilified Iran and implemented unilateral sanctions against Iran on spurious pretences and lies.

Then in December 2007 Iran announced that it had ‘eliminated all sales of oil in US$; “a worthless piece of paper”, and thus Iran became once again an ever more intensified target by the US Bankster/MIC/Think-Tank/USG cabal for breaking with the Petro$.
(There is no distinction between the USG, WS Banksters and CorpAm; the entire Financial System from the Fed, BIS, IMF, MIC to CBs, 'Think Tanks'; they are all run and controlled by the same tribal Bankster Cabal)

The SWIFT System

Also in 2007 Iran opened the Iranian Oil Bourse with oil to be traded from the 20th of March 2008.
On the 17th of March that year, new, intensified Sanctions were imposed on Iran by the US and their EU puppets and their entire Iranian Banking system was blocked from the SWIFT transfer system. It was designed as a crushing blow to Iran’s economy, but it actually backfired, as Iran switched to Gold barter, an even better way of trading commodities than engaging in the US Petro-Dollar crime racket.

The Petro-Dollar is the underpinning, the sole source of power, of the Bankster Oligarchy in power, due to their ability of being able to print almost unlimited amounts of paper dollars, as with this racket every nation needs to hold dollars to buy oil and absorb all these worthless pieces of paper and store them in Treasury Bonds, i.e. USG Debt!
An end to the Petro-Dollar means and end to the Tyranny and Hegemony of the US-DC-WS-Bankster Oligarchy!
And that's why wars are fought over the hallowed Petro-Dollar racket, and is a major reason why Iran is so vilified with Lies and more Lies!
The other being that Iran is not simply lying down and let itself being raped and plundered of its natural resources by the Zionist WS-MIC (Wall Street - Military Industrial Complex) Oligarchy, which owns the MSM and their puppet USG!

♦ The REAL sponsor of Terrorism

Let's rephrase that, the REAL Terrorist, since it is the US who is behind every Terrorist Organisation and terrorist act globally.

The USG is training, arming and commandeering declared Terrorist Organisations PJAK, Jondollah and MEK, i.e. Mujahideen-e-Khalq aka PMOI, to perpetrate acts of terrorism inside Iran to create a pretext to attack Iran, presumably under the R2P, Responsibility to Protect, ruse which was also used to destroy Libya, massacre hundreds of thousands and murder global Hero Gaddafi!
Yet while it is candidly admitted by honest elements in the CIA and US Military that Iran is a force for good and stability in the Middle East, the USG vilifies Iran with the lie that it purportedly is a 'sponsor of Terrorism'.
Well, if Iran’s support for the Syrian Government, the Palestinians and Hezbollah fighting the worst of the worst USG sponsored Terrorists, is in that category then what does that make the USG who created, finances, arms, trains and commandeers ISIS/AQ and the myriad of terrorist groupings plaguing Syria and Libya?
Iran's resistance to the illegal squatter colony on Palestinian land is the other main reason why Iran is so gratuitously vilified, driven by the illegal Zionist colony which controls the USG down to the minutest detail.
This entity now called Israel is also the main sponsor of terrorism, no Israel is the Terrorist - via Mossad, globally and even attacked their golden goose they milk to the max, the US, on several occasions: Lavon Affair 1954, USS Liberty 1967, 9/11 Twin Tower Attack 2001, and siphons off billions of dollars while stealing trillions more; all those 8.5 trillion Dollars unaccounted for from the military budget found their way to the illegal squatter colony via their agents in key positions inside every administration.

The USG was also in full support of Saddam during the 1980–1988 Iran-Iraq war and supplied him with intelligence, arms and above all chemical weapons, which, when Saddam allegedly used them against Kurds, was used as a pretext to invade Iraq in 2003.
This brutal war cost the lives of 1.5 million and was carefully managed by the US from the outset.
So minutely managed was this war that Iran was also covertly sold arms in the Iran-Contra Arms scandal, this in order to keep a balance of forces between Iran and Iraq and prolong the war for as long as possible so they both would destroy each other.

♦ Deliberate Terrorism by any other name!

On July 3, 1988 the US Cruiser Vincennes, while illegally in Iranian territorial waters shot down the Iranian Jet IR655, killing 260 innocent Iranian civilians on board.
USS Vincennes Captain was awarded the Legion of Merit for the murder of 260 innocent Iranian civilians To underscore the US’ contempt, loathing and disdain for Iran and the Iranian people, the USG/Military awarded the entire crew with Combat-Action Ribbons and the captain, Will Rogers III, who perpetrated this atrocity, specifically was awarded the Legion of Merit for this Crime against Humanity!
This was a clear-cut setup from start to finish; the Vincennes deliberately strayed illegally into Iranian territorial waters so as to have an excuse to shoot down any Iranian Aircraft approaching the Cruiser, who surely would come to attack the intruding vessel.
Any aircraft would do to get the heroic glory this captain so desperately craved for, a civilian passenger plane full of women and kids would do just fine.
After all, one can always claim that it was in self-defence as the pilot of the civilian plane didn’t respond to ‘repeated’ calls – so the fabricated lies go!
And after all they are just Iranians, and the USG has vilified them for decades, at least since the 1953 Coup, where the CIA/MI6 overthrew democratically elected Mohammad Mossadeq to install their puppet Shah, and has systematically turned Iranians into something lesser than humans; sub-humans and evil doers.
This is standard modus operandi to prepare an obtuse, brainwashed American and Global public for war against these lesser, expendable beings.

♦ Enter Israel!
Iran has a longstanding friendship with the Palestinians and their natural brethren, the Shia population of Syria and its Government.
Recently they also became friendly with Iraq, all of which are perceived obstacles to Israel’s criminal expansion plans in the Middle East to establish their Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Even if you care to dismiss the notion that the Yinon Plan for a Greater Israel is not a feasible option and just a pipe dream of some Zionist fanatics, Israel has systematically waged war against all these neighbours and has recently requested missiles to attack Iran and a fifty percent increase in the Military aid it receives from the US to annually 4.5 billion to prepare for such a crime against a peaceful neighbour.

Now illegal nuclear super power Israel who admonishes the ‘Samson Option’ to any opposition to its Crimes and flagrant breaches of all International Laws, Conventions and UN Resolutions, has invented the ruse that Iran is planning to secretly build nuclear weapons, this despite that the supreme leader has declared a fatwa against these immoral weapons of mass destruction.
The Samson Option being the threat that any attempt to reign in their marauding and Crimes against Humanity would result in the total destruction of any opponent and that they would take the whole planet down with them in a nuclear holocaust of their making.
This threat is real and has been enunciated often enough to be taken seriously, though not quite officially as the Zionist Squatter Colony never admits to having illegal nuclear arms, but high ranking insiders have voiced this on various occasions enough to be taken at face value.

Thus the vilification and covert war against Iran by the US coalesces and is synergistic with that of Israel's. And together they’ve been crippling Iran with unjustified and unilateral sanctions applied out of spite and malice in the case of the US, and as a means to destroy Iran as a formidable force in the region in the case of Israel.
The US also has the same designs to destroy the regions' countries into chaos and ungovernable fiefdoms so they become desperately reliant on oil revenue and American Oil companies, and also for its bully-boy client state Israel used as a military forward base in the region to implement its destructive and hegemonistic, imperial policies of divide and rule.

♦ Deliberate Genocide by any other name!

In 1901 the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, APOC, (later AIOC, now BP) was granted a prospecting licence to start exploration for oil in Iran and in 1908 they struck it lucky with a huge gusher and from 1913 on APOC was shipping oil out of Persia (Iran)to Britain, at very little benefit to the Iranians.
BP, a long history of Predation & Exploitation APOC only paid 16% of net profits to Iran while the industry standard was a 50/50 share agreement. To add insult to injury APOC always refused to open its books to let the Persians ascertain that they paid a fair and correct amount as per contractual arrangements.
In 1907 the colonial powers in Persia, Russia and Britain, divided Persia into two spheres of influence, unilaterally formalised in the Anglo-Russian Convention, Russia in the north and Britain in the south. By the time of WW1 Britain exerted enormous control over Persia and was acting as a colonial power in the country they exploited at will.
In support of their War effort against the Ottomans and Germans the British took control of distribution infrastructure like rail and roads and requisitioned Persian food and grain production and shipped most of the produce out of the country to feed their troops and occupying forces in the Middle East and India.

British engineered Iranian Famine of 1917-19 During the years of 1917 – 19 Iranian grain harvest were meagre and the British saw an opportunity to bring Persia to its knees and deal it a decisive blow from which it wouldn’t recover for a very long time, so as to keep it weak and a vassal state, unable to rebel or demand better economic contractual arrangements or even kick the British colonial exploiters out altogether.

During this meagre harvest time Persian food and grain produce were still shipped out of the country by Britain to aid their war effort, while British forces prevented imports of other food supplies from Mesopotamia and other sources, and literally stopped the unloading of grain shipments in the port of Bushehr so as to create widespread starvation.
While the Brits were already exploiting Iranian Oil on a large scale and had control over all the means of production and distribution, they paid a small amount of royalty in exchange, but APOC often withheld due payments during the famine years under various contrived ruses so as to prevent the Teheran puppet Government from purchasing food supplies from abroad to feed its starving population.

In all some 10 million died during this willfully engineered Iranian Famine at the hands of the British, close to half of the population at that time.
To add insult to injury, Persia had declared its neutrality in WW1 to keep itself out of this foreign war!

The fact that all the documentations of their presence in Iran during this period were destroyed by the Brits is not merely a suspicious act to hide their crimes, but standard practice by this colonial power who is guilty of equal massacres in Bengal, India and other colonial ‘possessions’.

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