The end of Banksterism and a new dawn for Civilisation

Oh this has been such a successful formula for the IMF: print off some confetti for distressed countries and set the conditions:
  • Sell your prized assets in fire sales to pay us back.
  • Change your laws and open your markets to toxic GMOs.
  • Change your laws and allow toxic fracking.
  • Change your laws and allow private land ownership so we can rape and pillage your country.
  • Change your laws and open your markets to allow WS Derivatives and toxic financial instruments defraud your savers and investors.
  • Implement harsh Austerity measures so that the economy contracts and collapses and you'll never be able to recover your sovereignty and pay us back and stay a Debt Salve to us for ever!
While of course their best income producing assets are all flogged off to the Banksters.

Goy Vulture Instrument Lagarde Consider this: Fiat Currency is created out of thin air at the touch of key stroke in return for hard assets created through hard labour, blood sweat and tears.
Assets which return income a country can ill afford to lose. The entire system is geared to destroy countries and enslave them to the Banksters with never repayable Debt.

It's not of a great concern to them, their ability to create currency will more than compensate for the odd default - and then of course they are now expressly permitted to lie about their true financial state; value assets at whatever they deem 'appropriate'! The entire System is already bankrupt!
The only real threat to these parasitic banksters comes in the form of their Derivative contracts written as gambling instruments over sovereign debt like Greece's debt, which are threatening to bring down their gambling casino.

Unless we end the system and:
  • Get rid of Fractional Reserve Lending
  • End the private Fiat Currency Crime Racket
  • Dispossess the Banksters off their raped and plundered wealth and return it to the productive people from whom it was looted
  • Try and hang the Banksters for all their unspeakable crimes against humanity.
  • and replace the system with NOTHING!
we will continue to be their slaves and see country after country destroyed and millions massacred and the planet ruined with DU radiation, toxic Chem Trails and every Eco and otherwise Terrorism against the planet and humanity.

Humanity has for the last 5,000 years opted for Gold as their choice of Money and is today cueing up to buy Gold to safely store their hard earned wealth - Gold is already Humanity's premiere form of Money, so no need to implement any new Bankster devised system.
  • End private Fiat Currency
  • End the IMF and WB Vultures
  • End the Central Bank Parasites
  • End the parasitic WS Banksters and their criminal rigged Casinos aka Futures Markets!
And let Gold Free – it is already Humanity’s choice to store their hard earned wealth and to trade in commodities and services!

End Banksterism.

Banksterism is built on the most onerous, iniquitous and parasitic systems ever devised; Private Fiat Currency!
This has allowed the Banksters to rape and pillage the Productive People of their hard earned wealth and with this wealth they’ve bought off the entire system:
Legislative, Executive, Judiciary, Law Enforcement the entire system from the USG, UKG, UN, ICC, ICJ, Fed, CBs, BIS, IMF, the lot!

It is the most insidious, circuitous Crime Racket ever devised!
It is in the grip of a mafia so powerful, ruthless and callous, nothing stops this mob from massacring millions in order to preserve this heinous system of exploitation, enslavement and oppression.
Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and countless countries before that, and the targets now are even more horrifying; Russia and China.

Unless this Khazarian Mafia is stopped we’ll see our planet destroyed by this deranged, supremacist and utterly deluded, misanthropic mob in their drive to rule the planet.

If this sounds too conspiratorial then their very own pronouncements should clear up any doubts as to their true intent!

This is all clearly documented; they openly declared it with their



Brzezinski -


They’ve spelled it out in great detail in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which is a genuine document, not an ‘anti-semitic’ hoax as is now claimed.
It was spelled out in the Jewish run and contrived PNAC’s

Rebuilding America's Defenses!

In other words to aim for total hegemony over the planet via criminal wars of aggression and the control over strategic regions by destroying countries’ sovereignty and installing vassals controlled by the Khazarian Mafia, puppets which let the US exploit their countries, resources and people.
It is advisable to remind us again that America is a Zionist Jewish controlled vassal; they haughtily boast so themselves in glowing terms and it is glaringly evident reality!

These are our true masters via finance, and their total control over Governments, their military and security apparatuses and every international institution.

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