Limericks for the Connoisseur

Bushy had a ‘coalition of the willing’
To perpetrate a spree of massive killing
Obama though’s a shunned old loner
He is the undisputed slyball droner
And always someone else’s blood is spilling

There was a sly ol’ Bankster Jamie
Some thought he was little slimy
Lost six billions with his gambles
His company now’s in shambles
Yet all he said’s “Don’t blame me”

CFTC commissioner Chilton Bart
Was charged to oversee the Mart
Had lots of proof of market rigging
But five years later did a little jigging
Turns out he’s just another WS Tart

“Exceptional USA!” Obama often crows
Yet it’s the absolute and abject lows
A horrendous One-State spree of crime
The worst and utter human slime
But soon one day, it'll reap of what it sows

Fiat $’s just not money
Money is the colour of honey
Fiat’s like confetti
Invented by a Yeti
With Gold it’s always sunny

Where is all the people’s precious Gold?
Has it all been slyly leased and sold?
“It’s to support my Fiat Dollar”
We hear Shalom Bernanke holler
A traitor in the worst ol’ Bankster’s mould

Who’s that dancing on the Dollar’s grave?
Now’s mankind really sound and safe?
Forged and printed by the trillions
To raze and slaughter women kids civilians
Satan’s tool to plunder rape enslave

Banksters have their own confetti ‘money’
They fight and kill to keep this pot of honey
They print and forge it by the Trillions
Charge even interest to us foolish minions
This fiat fraud’s now headed for the ‘dunny’

The Comex is nothing but a paper fraud
Where real Gold is leveraged to be awed
It’s more than just a hundred times to one
This Crimex system everyone should shun
Thoughts of getting real Gold are truly flawed

In an act of abject wicked treason
Defying any logic or sound reason
Our Gold, that’s save we’re falsely told
Has all been leased and slyly sold
Fort Knox’s been void for many a season

Obama always bays for Regimechange
He wants the world to Zio-rearrange
He set his sights on Iran/Syria
Already razed Gaddafi’s Libya
It’s all for Zio shekels in exchange

Let’s talk about the People’s Money
It’s got that glow and hue of Honey
It is the banksters’ sworn old foe
Never liked that shiny honest glow
With Gold as dough they just can’t racketeer
Loot and pilfer, steal or profiteer
But Fiat is the definite parasitic racket
Where people’s wealth ends up in Banksters’ pocket

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