The Zio Media Brainwash, another Crime against Humanity

If you’re thinking that is somewhat over the top, think again.

The media is not merely called the Fourth Estate, an independent, private entity which supposed function is to keep the other three honest; the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary, all need to be independent, separate entities necessary for a well functioning democracy.
It is called this because of its extraordinary power in that function!

The sad fact is that now all four are merged into one and none is independent of the other, all are controlled by the same oligarchic moneyed powers; aka Fascism!

The crime against humanity comes into play as now the MSM plays a very direct part in covering the Fascists’ tracks in initiating Wars of Aggression based on Lies, as in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine etc.

The Zio MSM is playing that part so well that the average pundit’s opinion, feeding his mind on Zio Prop News Lies, could be mistaken for any Legislative Member’s utterances, the Executives’ Press releases, or the MSM’s worst excesses of lies and fabrications.

Millions of lives are being destroyed in our names in criminal wars, in proxy terrorism in proxy insurrections of civil wars funded by the same fascist cabal controlling all four, they’ve become indistinguishable; WS, Corp Am, DC, MSM all are one and the same machinery driven by looted money from the productive people.

All this under the ‘watchful eyes’ of the Forth Estate informing the public of exactly NOTHING!

No reporting on the massive Crimes against Humanity by WS Banksters, literally plundering trillions from productive citizens, that’s you, all with complete impunity.

No reporting on the criminality of the entire criminal financial system, built on crime, reliant on crime, functioning only on crime. It is unconstitutional, illegal, reliant on criminally destroying the real form of money, the people’s money; Gold!

No reporting on all the criminality of the government’s covert wars, funding insurrections, civil wars and proxy terrorism.

The Zio MSM is a Crime against Humanity as it functions to cover all the crimes of the same powers who own it along with the other three ‘independent’ branches of government!
True Fascism!

Who controls Hollywood

Who controls the Media

Who runs America

And to illustrate which way the power is flowing:

”I want to tell you something very clearly, do not worry about American pressures on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”

"The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate."
Senator Fullbright, Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on 10-7-73 on CBS's ‘Face The Nation’.

"I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy not approved by the Jews....... terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen …... I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don't approve of. The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country"
Secretary of State John Foster Dulles as quoted on page 99 of Fallen Pillars by Donald Neff

"I know what America is, America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in the way."

And this from the Los Angeles Times written by Jew Joel Stein.

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon

I have never been so upset by a poll in my life.
Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964.
The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood?
When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by:
News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish).

Of course such conceited gloating and haughtiness does not address what this immense power of opinion shaping and information dissemination is misused and abused for.
The cover up of immense crimes by the same clan who owns the MSM and Hollywood; in fact even the swaying of public opinion into supporting such wholesale slaughter,Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes in our name.
Orwellian times indeed!

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