Tibetan Serfs Emancipation Day, 28th March, Part 8 - Conclusion

This is Part 8 of a series of 8 Articles best read in conjunction.

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A closer examination of the impact Tibetans experienced due to their encounter with the Han Chinese.

[8] Conclusion

The examination of the complex relationship between the Tibetan Nation and the Han people throughout history reveals but one consistent underlying theme, that of racism in all its unpleasant forms and guises.

But it is by and large a story untold and unknown, denied, suppressed and falsified by the victors who get to write the history books.
And also today by the political powers that be; pusillanimous politicians and diplomats all around the world, the Western Press, and despite the many good books on Tibet, by many authors too timid or downright fallacious to confront the truth, but all kowtowing to the masters of the most populous nation; afraid to jeopardise their lucrative trade, cosy arrangements or relationships in whatever form they may be, with these autocrats of the Han empire.

Today the CCP employs the same thinly veiled tactics as Sun Yat-sen did after the 1910 revolution, where he duplicitously called the ROC a "Multi-ethnic" nation.
Thus in order to clad their racist regime in a veneer of ‘legitimacy’ the PRC is called a "Nation of 56 Nationalities", with the inference of ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘communality’ amongst the races.
This of course bears no semblance to any reality, where only the Han CCP holds all the power, and where all UN conventions, and even the PRC’s own constitutional guarantees and rights, are flagrantly disregarded in respect to the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples.

This construct of the nation of 56 Nationalities serves the sole purpose of cloaking the occupation and sinicizing of all of these minorities’ lands in some tenuous legitimacy.
In the CCP’s calculation this would validate the intended eradication of the cultural and hereditary claim these people legitimately have over their ancestral lands once and for all, and in turn pervert any claim to self determination under UN Conventions signed up to by the PRC by joining the UN.

The old South Africa offers little comparison to the Racism perpetrated in Tibet.
The racism in SA was of a candidly overt nature, and the regime there made no attempts to gloss over the fact that racism was institutionalised policy.
In Tibet, the Han nation is practising a much more pernicious and intractable Racism.
A covert, veiled and disguised Racism, vehemently denied, and smothered in a plethora of propaganda, that attempts to portray a harmonious, inclusive and egalitarian society, the very opposite to the reality of their policies.
In many ways the Racism perpetrated in Tibet is much more insidious, and for the victims of a far more heinous and callous nature.
The old SA did not arbitrarily arrest blacks, or systematically torture and mistreat their prisoners as a matter of course.

Standard issue torture instruments used in prisons in Tibet on a regular basisid=Standard issue torture instruments used in prisons in Tibet on a regular basis

There were also no Slave Labour Camps as in Tibet, called Laogai, where inmates are forced to perform hard labour and are assigned dangerous tasks without adequate protection or standard precautions.
Needless to say the majority suffer longterm ill health and many die as a consequence.

And in the old SA, speaking out on issues of whatever nature, or carrying a picture of Nelson Mandela did not result in a very lengthy jail term, with all the associated horrors of torture and maltreatment, as is the case in Tibet today.

The deliberate and systematic denigration and vilification of the Tibetan people and their history is unique to Han racism.
The complete abrogation of any culture, or even according Tibetans achievements of any merit in their own right, i.e. where all the ‘civilizing and culture’ has come from the Han people over the entire course of their history, is but the grossest form of racism, and without equal.
Han Chinese records and ‘literature’, historical and contemporary, are replete with such condescending and patronising falsehoods and inversions of historical facts, and serves but one purpose, the self-aggrandizing of the Han race at the expense of the Tibetan people, who after all are forever to be kept in their place as ‘barbarians’.
The Han Chinese regime has taken to touring the globe with their sordid exhibition commemorating their duplicitous “Tibetan Serfs Emancipation Day”, ramming their racist vilification of the Tibetan people down everyone’s throat, where no country would dare to refuse to host such blatant racism on their soil for fear of economic retribution, as is always at the forefront of anything the Chinese undertake in international relations.

The mere fact that this regime would go to the extreme of touring the world with such hateful propaganda amounts to the grossest racist depravity, where every other nation would be utterly ashamed and mortified to stoop to such squalid tactics, the Han people evidently have never displayed such sensitivities or even pangs of conscience.
To the contrary, the supreme conceit displayed in their denials of everything they commit betrays a mindset utterly bereft of such common civilities.

But it is the very nature of the PRC, which is exacting the heaviest toll on the Tibetan people, and other minorities; the loss of their Country, their ancestral land inhabited for millennia as a proud, independent nation.
It is in the way the Han nation came into being, by brute force and violent subjugation by the Han race, against the will of the minorities, first by Sun Yat-sen’s RoC and then by Mao’s PRC.
The self appointed rulers over an empire of ‘alien’ races, as the Manchu’s were branded, and by extension all the other subjugated races!
But nevertheless, the Han race sees itself as the ‘rightfully anointed rulers’ over these alien territories, against all Conventions, International Law, and the will of the subjugated people.

The old SA was rightfully ostracised and sanctioned and forced into change and reform; but then it never could match the economic clout of today’s China.

Today the Han nation has the economic and financial muscle to cower even the most ‘principled’ and well meaning politician, ‘respectable’ News Organisation, or Corporation into indecorous acquiescence to their haughty demands.

(Google being a recent and laudable exception; making for a heartening exclusion from such ignominious submission and abandonment of purported principles.)

An independent Tibet has all the ingredients to be a very prosperous and flourishing country in its own right.

An authentic Tibet, not the artificial one duplicitously run by the Han Chinese for the purpose of tourism, would be one powerful driver where the Tibetans could for once genuinely benefit enormously, and attract a much wider audience of tourists in search of a truly unique culture and people on the roof of the world.

Also, the Han Chinese loot Tibet annually of billions of Dollars worth of natural resources, from forests, minerals and gold, to hydroelectric power, without regards for the environment and to no benefit for the Tibetans.
This natural wealth again would afford the rightful owners vast economic benefit and income if they were to be paid fairly for the natural wealth, now being plundered from them.

The Tibetans have all the constituents for a successful modern state, a fact demonstrated during millennia of independence and evidently during the period of 1910 – 1950, where they largely managed to stay out of the turmoil engulfing the world at large, and demonstrated their fierce independence and will to modern Nationhood.
Alas, their efforts to build a modern nation and national pride were brutally quashed by the invasion in 1950, and their country plunged into the darkest of ages by their “liberators”.

Indeed, the “Hell on Earth” of “old Tibet” now depicted by the CCP is more than uncannily reminiscent of what Tibetans suffered at the hands of the Han people over the centuries, but particularly over the last sixty years, and continue to endure today, in the 21st century no less, without the least display of any pangs of conscience, let alone remorse, by the perpetrators.

The racism and contempt the Han reserve for the Tibetan people is evident in the contemptuous violation of all UN conventions the PRC has signed up to, the vicious treatment meted out to detainees on a routine basis, the discrimination, denigration and third class citizen status Tibetans are subjected to, and the complete and contemptible disregard of any human rights, despite countless reports branding the perpetrators for these horrific crimes.

The horrendous suffering will only end when the last Han Chinese has forcibly been evicted from Tibetan soil, like once before in 1910, and the Tibetan people can restore their dignity, live by their cherished culture, and manage once again their own economic, political and social affairs in their uniquely Buddhist and Tibetan approach.

One day again this Flag will fly over the Potala and signify a free, independent Tibet - RANGZEN

This is Part 8 of a series of 8 Articles best read in conjunction.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

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