The connection between the Chinese Laogai Camp system and Organ Harvesting

A brief examination of how the CCP can offer such large numbers of Organs for transplant.

Chinese dissidents, religious practitioners, Falun Gong members, or any Chinese citizen who would wish to speak up for any of the countless injustices in China, must be very wary of the ensuing consequences.
For daring to exercise one’s 'guaranteed' basic freedoms represents a grave and immediate danger to their very existence.

They might just end up in one of the many Laogai, 中国, (Reform through Labour) camps.
There are as many as a thousand, or possibly many more of these slave labour camps, where prisoners are abused, tortured and forced to perform excruciating, hard labour.
Laogai inmates are made to carry out dangerous tasks and handle toxic substances without any adequate protection, and under appalling conditions.
Sleep and food depravation as tools of intimidation and punishment are routinely used besides physical abuse and torture.

There is no requirement for a trial to be sent to one of these slave labour camps for up to three years, justification can be made by police officers or other officials on grounds of “social cohesion and stability”, or if the person is deemed to be “dangerous to society”.

These Laogai are also the source of most of the transplant organs sold to paying foreign customers.
The way to becoming an unwitting donor of organs follows a fairly set procedure for prisoners, unaware of what is in store for them.
First they are transferred to a military hospital, or military doctors and nurses appear in the labour camps, and the prisoners are given a ‘check-up’; testing for kidney and liver function, usability of the cornea, and have blood samples taken for tissue matching.
The large quantities of blood taken are another clear indication that this is for more than just ‘routine checkups’, besides, the state never pays for regular checkups, or otherwise ever shows any concern for condemned prisoners’ health.

Anyone suitable for a transplant is then a marked person, but is comfortingly told that “the party is very much concerned about their health” and that they’ll keep and eye on their health.
As soon as their tissue type is a match for one of the recipient patients on their waiting list, they will be taken away in the darkness of night and disappear for good.

The PLA, the CCP’s own organ for the control of its citizenry, is very much engaged in this lucrative business; at $75,000 for a kidney transplant, $120,000 for a new liver and some $200,000 for a heart, this is the sort of income stream even drug lords or the mafia could only dream of!
Of course anyone in the Laogai system is a target victim, though it is clear that the preferred victims are Falun Gong practitioners, as they practise a healthy lifestyle and abstain from alcohol and smoking, plus it is a particularly callous form of vengeance on part of the CCP.
The CCP claims that most of the organs come from condemned prisoners, though clearly this is not credible.
Comparing the rate of executions and transplants leaves a shortfall of some 10,000 donors annually, even if one allows for very generous rates of suitability for condemned prisoners!
In China less than 2% of donated organs come from relatives or next of kin.
Ample testimony has been documented to show the systematic and methodical way in which Laogai inmates are scanned, selected and then disappear for this organ harvesting programme run by the CCP.

Falun Gong Torture victim before she died of her massive injuries

Falun Gong members also are a convenient target for such ghastly disappearances, as they routinely refuse to give their names and any details of their identity or address, and so become a nameless victim with only a number as identification in the system.
Their whereabouts are never known to the relatives, as is the case for most such victims, like Tibetan prisoners, and this makes them untraceable, and the system wholly unaccountable for their wellbeing.

In the run-up to the Olympics in a show of ‘compliance with undertakings given’, the CCP hurriedly passed a law forbidding the sale of organs without donor consent.
The CCP’s own programme run by the PLA was somewhat curtailed to pretend that this sort of atrocity was not committed by the host of the Olympics, but since the closing ceremony, it has become fully open season once more.

Further more, prices had skyrocketed as a consequence of the temporary short squeeze, so the CCP is not out of coffers, in fact the revenue stream from this sordid business is truly staggering.
Taiwanese doctors contacted confirm that the availability of organs has dramatically increased again since the closing of the Olympics.
These doctors also confirmed that, after questioning, they’ve been assured hat the organs come from very healthy individuals, Falun Gong members, who practice a healthy lifestyle and abstinence from tobacco and alcohol.

Map of known Laogai locations in China Map of known Laogai locations

Now, ‘ordinary’ Chinese citizens might regard such misfortune will never befall them, but consider that some estimated fifty million, (50,000,000), or perhaps many more have been through the Laogai system!
(What were their offences; mostly being on the wrong side of the CCP, regime critics, members of religious groups, and now of course Falun Gong members, Tibetans, "Splittists", etc.)

And then there is the glaring discrepancy of the numbers of organs, which must come from somewhere, if not from 'criminals' sentenced to death, then from Loagai inmates, which is now well established through countless testimony.

“Criminal” though is to be understood as a very loose terminology in China, one might just as easily be a framed victim for whatever reason, a Dissident, Falun Gong member, or a Splittist, to be labelled such.

Besides, Chinese doctors have unwittingly confirmed, in taped phone conversations, that the organs come from ‘young and healthy Falung Gong individuals who practiced a healthy lifestyle’.

The CCP continuously ensures a steady supply of organ 'donors' from any source deemed unfriendly to their regime.
Tibetan sources estimate that some one thousand Tibetans have simply disappeared after being arrested in the aftermath of the Lhasa protests, and sources report that they were transported to Qinghai for organ harvesting purposes.
Falun Gong estimates that some three (3) million of their practitioners languish in Chinese jails or Laogai, and that they disappear at an alarming rate.

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