A very special Christmas Message to all

Let's get into the Christmas spirit, no not the liquid kind, not the commercial kind either, nor the biblical one for that matter.

But the one which symbolically, yet utterly hypocritically evolved out of the contrived, collective meanings ascribed to Christmas to make it a 'holy' commercially successful enterprise so corporations can profiteer by selling junk no one needs nor wants and which is either broken by next morning or gathers dust in the attic till it’s passed on to some other victim of egocentric, ulteriorly motivated giving.

Talking about the Peace, Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Tolerance and Compassion kind of Christmas Spirit which is so disingenuously evoked with glee and cunning to sell this commercial enterprise.

It will however require some cosmetic changes in the political landscape of the western Zionazi power structure which involves the forceful removal of all the obstinate obstacles to the emergence and fulfilment of this ever so cherished Christmas Spirit.

And since they’re not willing to comply voluntarily to pave the path to Peace and Prosperity, ‘we the people’ are empowered to forcefully assist them in vacating their unilaterally seized power seats and elevate them to higher positions where they can better survey the unimaginable death, destruction, misery, mayhem and suffering they’ve wreaked upon humanity.

This of course is all entirely in the traditional Christmas Spirit and will credit all participating Fighters for Peace, Prosperity and Freedom huge balances of credit on their Karmic ledger.

You see, you can’t make an Omelette without braking an egg and certainly you can’t achieve Christmas Spirit without eliminating the perpetrators of Satanic Rites.

So let’s all get into the Christmas Spirit and string them all up high and then you’ve deserved a swig of the liquid kind if you’re so inclined; I’ll refrain from that one in preference of a quiet walk in nature.

Merry Christmas to all who share the common goal of achieving Peace and Prosperity and won’t shy away from getting their hands, or voice/pen/keyboard, dirty achieving it!

Here’s to all the FB keyboard warriors, who in a small part contribute to the achievement of this lofty, noble aim.
But as sure as eternal hell awaits all politicians and banksters, simply posting truths will not get us there; they will have to be removed by force eventually!

As a reminder as to how the Oligarchy works, think of the Paris Peace Conference, the Nuremberg Trials, the Bretton Woods Conference, the UN who granted Palestine to the Khazarian Zionists, elevated terrorist Saudi Arabia to Chair their Human Rights Council, the ICC who persecutes and prosecutes minion Leaders in Africa but leaves the real scourges on humanity sitting in DC, London, Paris, Riyadh, Ankara etc untouched, think of the way the IMF operates in looting entire countries by lending them confetti currency conjured up out of thin air, how the BIS was conniving with Hitler* in stealing Czech gold and conniving with all the puppet regimes under the German occupation to enact the real rape and plunder of Europe etc via the currency system and to this day the same system is raping and plundering the entire third world, think of the way the Fed is keeping the WS criminal fraudsters, rapists and plunderers alive so they can perpetuate their spree of wholesale plunder of humanity with their fraud and crimes of selling junk rated AAA, market rigging and every crime possible. *(Hijalmar Schacht proudly issued his famous dictum that “They don’t hang banksters”, and indeed the Nuremberg Trials, as much as a Jewish enforced farce they were didn’t touch Montague Norman nor Schacht)

That’s how they operate and they are not willing to give up their immense power they’ve bought themselves with the raped and plundered wealth from productive people – that’s YOU!

You will have to take your liberties, prosperity and independence back by force; they will never cede a micron of it voluntarily.

Merry Christmas!

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